Google launches British Fashion Beta Project

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THE LATEST GOOGLE BETA PROJECT focuses on British Fashion, reveals the latest data on the fashion trends of 2016, and sheds light on British fashion designers and retailers.

Google’s Beta Project team have just launched their latest microsite exploring the creativity and heritage of British fashion. Part of Google Arts and Culture division, this latest release follows on from their last presentation: The Wonders of Yangzhou.

Google document the classic artistry of English luxury fashion house Burbery, the career of British legend Paul Smith, and the revolutionary craftsmanship of Alexander McQueen. And of course, no respectable list of British fashion icons would be complete without the inimitable Vivienne Westwood.

Naturally, the Arts and Culture team utilise the very latest cutting edge web technology to showcase their presentation, including a Gigapixel presentation cleverly titled “Behind the Seams”, and a 360 Virtual Reality video presented by fashion model and nonpareil icon, Naomi Campbell.

Working in collaboration with the British Fashion Council, Google‘s new website provides a glimpse in to the future of British Fashion, what fashion savvy consumers can expect through 2017, and the latest data on the most recent fashion trends.

Other editorial features spotlight the historical significance of David Baileys profound influence on the world of fashion photography, celebrates 32 years of British Fashion Week, and focuses on the history of more than 300 years of design and innovation of London’s preeminent menswear brands.

You can find Google’s latest British Fashion Beta Project here, the full list of Google Arts and Culture projects here, and Google’s “Think With Google” article presenting the latest fashion data here.


by Mandy Harrison

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