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Mandy Harrison European Fashions

THE CHIC AND CHARMING Southern European fashion markets are a Pandora’s box of some the most elegant undiscovered fashion products you can find. Every item unique and of fabulous quality, the individual designs and colours breathtaking. Truly exciting compared to the current UK high street offerings, as every purse or handbag is slightly different in pattern or texture.

I am lucky enough to wander around the European fashion markets regularly to hand-select all the products for the Mandy Harrison website. Enjoying the culture mix and atmosphere as people from all over Europe enjoy locally made products and the shopping experience – even though usually we don’t share the same language.

You can enjoy the luxury of handmade Italian handbags, handmade Spanish leather shoes, Italian and Parisian clothing, and pure Cashmere Pashmina’s. All in styles and colours not seen on the UK high street currently. It’s often hard to stick to your budget but learning to barter helps.

It’s a chance to see new designs and items for the first time, to touch and see the quality of the workmanship first-hand, and to help those small boutique manufacturers become a household name. I would not want to change my purchasing style from the European fashion markets to an online wholesaler as I need to be able to guarantee the quality of every product by inspecting it myself, and building a personal relationship with each seller.

The real allure of the European fashion markets is also knowing that many of the products are unique. As the companies making the items are small, they often only make one of each item. It is nice to know that my customers purchases are truly individual in many cases.

Prowling the local fashion markets can be hard work, but at the end of the day you can sit and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee in one of the gorgeous international cafes.


by Mandy Harrison

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